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Friends who are interested in understanding may know that installing LED displays in shopping malls is not just a matter of installing them wherever you want. Installation in shopping malls LED display production needs to follow certain rules. Today,Mustang LED Display will talk about what principles need to be followed when installing LED displays in shopping malls?

Shopping mall LED displays can be divided into two types: indoor LED displays and outdoor LED displays. Below we will explain the installation principles of these two types of LED displays separately.

1. The main functions of indoor LED display screens in shopping malls:

While serving as advertising screens, they must also meet the needs of the occasion, create a good shopping atmosphere, and mobilize the atmosphere.


1.       Personalized design, coordinated with the installation environment

2.       Insufficient maintenance space

3.       Complex and changeable shapes.

LED display solution

1.       Choose an LED display with flexible and bendable characteristics, which can be designed in a variety of shapes.

2.       LED ultra-thin display screen that needs to be protected before use.

3.       Ultra-light and thin, for viewing at close range and requiring high screen clarity, you can choose surface-mounted indoor LED displays with models P3, P4, P5 and P6.

2. The main functions of outdoor LED display screens in shopping malls:

Play the role of brand promotion and advertising broadcast; transmit and display some daily promotion and festival information.

Features of outdoor LED display

1.       For outdoor use, high protection requirements.

2.       In line with the image of shopping malls, most of them are chain stores and can be controlled and operated remotely.

3.       A huge screen area, strong brightness, and long viewing distance.

Outdoor LED display solutions

1.       Choose full-color LED display products with outdoor protection level ≥ IP54.

2.       Unify the design of LED display shape and control system to realize LED network cluster control.

3.       The viewing distance is long and the requirements for clarity are not as high as indoors. You can choose an outdoor full-color LED display model of P8 P10 P12 P16, which can be determined according to the actual viewing distance and the installation height of the LED display.

When people in the SMD Screen LED display industry gather together, it is easy to talk about LED display products: what is the dot pitch, how about refresh, how about using constant current drive...? If you don't understand anything, do you feel pressured by such a chat? How big is it?

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