Tired of Being Broke

June 19, 2024 United States, Vermont, Roxbury 7


Financial surplus is everyone's aspiration. This is so because we are somehow hard-wired to pursue it. But the fact that it is everyone's goal, it appears that only a few people accomplish it. Why, the biggest reason is the subconscious beliefs about money.

Another common belief passed down to us is that money is difficult to make. You know, many people think there are only a few people who can perform magic. The profound truth is there is nothing complicated about making money.

There are no money-making secrets you can't learn and practicalize to make the difference you need in your personal finances. Making money requires a high level of courage. Confidence to attempt something unusual. But you may not arrive at it if you don't trust the process.

Trusting the process comes from the positive mindset you build about money over time. You don't get it by spiritual impartation or magical power. Your mind needs you to reconfigure so you can think positively about money.

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