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There are plenty of great times to gamble online. Whether you visit internet casinos or online bookies, the chances to place a few bets on whatever you want are endless. However, just because you can play all the time, doesn't mean you necessarily should. Using the internet for gambling makes gambling much easier which can be both a blessing and a curse, so the main thing to remember is to be responsible. Don't bet money you don't have and don't wager huge amount of money simply to try and recoup losses. If you are gambling online, make sure you are doing it for fun and that the money you put up you can afford to lose if luck goes against you. Having said that, as long as you are not betting for the wrong reasons, there really is no time you shouldn't visit those online bookies. It's simple, easy and fun, and in the process, by doing it online you will more than likely find that you are offered free bets by many companies too. With fewer overheads, online sites are able to make their business much more attractive, so you can often find that whilst you can do it anytime, and have plenty of fun in the process, you can invariably place a bet or two for free as well and possibly win big in the process. The other great benefit of this is that with free bets you can look around different sites and find which one you prefer. Maybe one that is more sports orientated is right for you, or maybe you prefer quirkiness, or perhaps you simply want to play casino games. Either way, by being able to look around for free you can easily find the best site for you and in the process gamble as much or as little as you want. In fact, it is not knowing when you should start betting that is the issue, but just making sure you set a point at which you want to stop and ensuring you stop there regardless.