New Discovery, How every cell of your body is affected

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March 28, 2022 Indiana, Indianapolis 10


You may have heard of EMFs or electromagnetic fields. It’s been all over the news lately.
This type of radiation comes from your cell phone and other things like wifi routers, computers, wires in your house, and more.
Study after study shows that our ever-increasing exposure to these fields is harmful…
Not only can your cell phone make you gain weight and feel fatigued, but the EMFs that run through your body also wreak havoc on your health.
If you think about it logically, the reason behind this is clear.
From the impulses that make your heartbeat to the electrical activity in your brain, you run on electricity.
When your body has to fight the electrical impulses all around you, it’s easy for signals to get crossed. It causes stress at a cellular level.
But there IS a way to protect yourself and your family… in fact, it’s a small piece of exclusive technology that uses negative ions to block and diffuse EMFs.
Best of all, it looks classy and is a great gift.

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The last time they ran this sale for us, they sold out in a few hours.
They’re restocked and ready to ship, but I wouldn’t wait to find out if they still have enough.

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They’re a great gift for your family, too… kids are glued to their phones all day and with school starting, they're gonna need some too.


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