Taxi App Development Cost and Timeline for Taxi App

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May 17, 2022 District of Columbia, Washington 0


It is the manufacturing team that has the most impact on the pricing of a Taxi App Development . Experts for your team are chosen based on the specifics of the project at hand. In calculating the ultimate price, developer wages aren't the sole issue, although they are a key one. Listed below are the team's essential members.

A business analyst

Manager of projects

User-experience and user-interface designers

Backend and frontend devs

Quality assurance experts

When a project is in the pre-development stage, a timeframe is estimated. When all of the requirements have been gathered, experts will call the expected time frame. It's a function of the app. Because we don't have any information, all we can do is conjecture.

Creating a driver's app, a passenger app, and a dispatch panel would likely take three months each. Using these calculations, you may calculate out how much money you'll need to pay employees. Take a look at our IT Outsourcing Costs!

People who do not wish to spend time analyzing Savvycom will be provided with the final estimates. Price varies depending on whether you choose a hybrid or native method. Now that we've spoken about the advantages and disadvantages, let's look at the figures.

- If you're developing for the local market:

A minimally viable product (MVP) would cost $40k for each platform.

$100k-150k for a more complicated app with more sophisticated features.

  • In the case of a hybrid approach:

$45k for a basic working prototype


$125k to $175k for a taxi app with sophisticated features

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