In the event that you fall into the watery area below

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Continue slowly dropping down until you are at Elden Ring Items the bottom of the room and you'll discover a Golden Rune [2]. Begin walking down the path, careful not to get overwhelmed by the rats lurking around, including one powerful Large Rat who can drop an Rune Arc. To the left side is Poisonbloom 3x, and on the other side of the wall is a Scarab that you could kill to use the ability Rancorcall.

As per the warning, in the event that you fall into the watery area below, you'll be able to be able to trigger a mini boss that might be too strong and dangerous for your needs at this time. It's a huge snake-like creature that is able to hurl massive attacks and incredible magic. With a 100 physical block shield, and a bit of determination, it's possible. The enemy will broadcast its attacks pretty obviously, so manage your stamina and prepare to block or avoid roll when you observe it start to attack. You want to stand somewhere around its belly area in order to ward off its forward smashing attacks and also to get hit safely. If it spins around and launches at you with its mouth open you must avoid the attack otherwise you will be caught in its mouth and take on massive injuries. When the monster glows gold it is entering its second phase , which is characterized by a magical explosion therefore, you need to move back to avoid the area damage.

If you're able to defeat the spirit, you'll be awarded a Golden Seed and other loot which includes the Stonesword Key, Throwing Dagger for x8, and a Smoldering Butterfly 3. Continue up the path to discover a huge skull and another item, the Prince of Death's Pustule. From here you'll find a ladder that can take them back in the dining room area. After that, it's time to boss up. Teleport onto Secluded Cell Site of buy Elden Ring Runes Grace. Secluded Cell Site of Grace and get yourself ready.


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