RFH 35W high power green laser cutting aluminum plate with neat and smooth edges

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RFH 35W high power green laser cutting aluminum plate with neat and smooth edges


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China is the world's largest aluminum consumer, accounting for about one-third of global consumption. The application industry of aluminum is also extremely extensive, such as the construction industry, packaging industry, transportation industry, etc., all demand aluminum products in large quantities. Many of RFH's customers are enterprises specializing in the production and processing of aluminum products. They come to RFH with one purpose, that is, to purchase RFH's star-owned products, and lasers are used for cutting, punching, and engraving of aluminum products.


Have you seen RFH green laser cutting, punching and engraving in aluminum products?


Why are RFH's laser products so well-received? This is of course inseparable from RFH's years of hard work in the laser industry. RFH is committed to the improvement of laser technology and the research and development of laser products, aiming to meet the needs of most customers.

In response to the requirements of aluminum product processing and manufacturing enterprises, RFH has launched a 35W high-power green laser for cutting aluminum plates and other metal materials. Mr. Gao from an aluminum plate processing company said that his company has used this green laser from RFH for many years, and the aluminum plates cut out are accurate in size without errors, smooth edges without burrs, and high quality.


532nm green laser cutting aluminum plate with precise dimensions without error, smooth edges without burrs


The laser wavelength of 35W high-power green laser is 532nm, the repetition frequency coverage is wide (10kHz to 200kHz, and the superior beam quality is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges (M²<1.2), pulse width<25ns@50k, thermal influence during processing The area is very small, so the cutting area is smooth and free of burrs, and the unique Q-switching control technology can meet the control needs of various laser applications; the all-digital intelligent power control technology is simple to operate and easy to monitor. At the same time, this laser also supports and computer It can complete all cutting and punching program settings on the computer.

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